Our Pediatric Infectious Diseases faculty are recognized for outstanding research related to childhood infections, organized generally along these major lines:

Human viral discovery and viral biology:
Gregory Storch, MD – Viral discovery in children with fever and respiratory illness
Kristine Wylie, PhD – Microbial genomics, including the maternal-fetal virome
Andrew Janowski, MD – Pathogenesis of astrovirus infections; viral discovery in human encephalitis

Molecular pathogenesis of bacterial infections:
David Hunstad, MD – Gram-negative bacterial infections, particularly Escherichia coli urinary tract infections
David Rosen, MD, PhD – Molecular pathogenesis and antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD – Gut microbiome and immune mediators of serious bacterial infections

Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases:
Gregory Storch, MD – molecular tests for the detection of multiple viruses and noncultivatable bacterial pathogens; integration of host transcriptional signatures into infectious diseases diagnostics

Basic mechanisms in immunology and hematopoiesis:
S. Celeste Morley, MD, PhD –  molecular effectors of leukocyte maturation and motility; mitochondrial function in pathogen defense
Anthony Orvedahl, MD, PhD – autophagy in immune responses to sepsis and viral infections
Abby Green, MD – DNA damage responses in leukemia and in control of viral infections

Patient-oriented and translational research:
Stephanie Fritz, MD, MSCI – epidemiology and transmission of community-associated Staphylococcus aureus
Jason Newland, MD, MEd – pediatric therapeutics and antimicrobial stewardship; community use of antimicrobials and COVID diagnostics
Mimi Kao, MDJason Newland, MD, MEd, and Rachel Orscheln, MD – clinical trials of new antimicrobials and vaccines in children