What to expect

Regular infectious disease clinics are held mornings on:

MondayWest County Children’s Specialty Care Center
WednesdaySouth County Children’s Specialty Care Center
ThursdaySt. Louis Children’s Hospital, 2nd floor, Suite 2D
See locations for more details.

An initial visit may last 1-2 hours, plus time for laboratory tests or x-rays to be performed.  Arriving 15 minutes early for your first appointment will ensure enough time to take care of any outstanding registration and insurance issues.  On-time arrival for follow-up appointments will ensure timely and appropriate care for your family.  In most cases, both the attending physician in infectious diseases and one of his or her physician associates will see you.  Often you will meet the associate first. St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a teaching institution, and your evaluation will be detailed and thorough.

In general, much more can be accomplished in less time and with less cost if your doctor provides us with a written summary of your child’s problem and the results of any pertinent x-rays or laboratory tests.  You can bring these materials with you, but it is best if they are faxed to us 855-887-7850 prior to your appointment with us.  Please arrange a copy of any relevant x-rays, MRI, etc., which can be provided on a DVD by your physician’s office or radiology facility. 

After your initial outpatient visit, our staff will call or write to your child’s personal physician to report the results of the evaluation.  Your child may be scheduled for another visit to discuss the results of the tests with you or to observe the response to treatment.

The Department of Pediatrics will file insurance claims with your insurance company.  Please bring insurance information/cards with you.