Stephanie  S.  Cabler, MD

Stephanie S. Cabler, MD

Combined ID/Critical Care

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Residency and Chief Residency: St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Scholarly Project: Viral DNA reactivation in pediatric sepsis immunophenotypes (Greg Storch, MD
Favorite microbe: Ehrlichia chaffeensis. You can’t live in St. Louis without seeing at least a few children with ehrlichiosis each summer. Some even present with or develop hyperferritinemic sepsis (aka MAS aka HLH)- so cool!
Why I chose Infectious Diseases: Infectious diseases are everywhere! The majority of admitted children have an infectious disease, many of which cause critical illness. Being able to thoughtfully and eloquently evaluate and treat critically ill children with infections or infectious complications is a dream of mine.
What I love about Washington University: Combining two fellowships can be complicated. I knew at WashU I would have the support I needed (or didn’t even know I needed) from both outstanding divisions to advocate for my diverse interests. It’s great knowing that everyone is invested in my success!