Elizabeth Daniels, MD

Medical School: Washington University, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Favorite microbe: 
Bartonella henselae – I can’t resist a zoonosis, especially when it’s carried by kittens.
Why I chose Infectious Diseases: 
I think antibiotics are magical; choose the right ones, and you can save a life. However, as we all know, improper use is a threat to the common good, and we will lose our magic weapons if we do not steward them carefully.
What I love about Washington University: 
I never expected to live in St. Louis. When I first came here to interview for medical school at Washington University, I went up the arch because I figured it would be my only chance to explore the city. Seven years later, Wash U continues to offer me excellent training in a warm, supportive environment. In addition, I have found St. Louis to be an important, interesting, and beautiful city that I am proud to call my home.